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  • Vince Young Files For Bankruptcy

    Jan 23, 14 by Qwest7 Leave a comment

    *Vince Young’s days of collecting a healthy paycheck are apparently over. The Houston Chronicle reports that the star athlete has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Brian Kilmer, an attorney, filed a petition in a Houston federal bankruptcy court. Kilmer listed Young’s assets as being worth between $500,001 and $1 million with liabilities between $1,001,000 and […]

  • Vince Young to NFL’s Texans: ‘I’m In Shape and Ready to Go’

    Oct 14, 13 by EURpublisher02 1 Comment

    *It’s gotten so bad with the Houston Texans that several fans actually cheered when quarterback Matt Schaub went down with an ankle injury during Sunday’s loss against St. Louis. Free agent Vince Young may not have been that classless, but he did seize upon the opportunity to throw his hat in the ring for the […]

  • EUR Sports Bits: Vince Young to Green Bay? – Hernandez’s Uncle Killed

    Aug 5, 13 by EurPublisher Leave a comment

    *Good news for financially challenged quarterback Vince Young. His pro career just might not be over. According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette the two-time Pro Bowl quarterback will work out for the Green Bay Packers. Young’s last job in the NFL was with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. The situation came about because the Packers’ […]

  • Vince Young Ordered to Auction All His Possessions :(

    Jul 26, 13 by EurPublisher 2 Comments

    *Dang, this hurts to report. Vince Young – whose 2006  Rose Bowl performance as the QB for Texas against USC, won’t soon be forgotten – is now down and out. On the heels of that Rose Bowl performance, Young went to the NFL and he prospered … for a minute or two.  Yes, it was […]

  • Vince Young Gets Degree from the University of Texas

    May 19, 13 by EurPublisher 1 Comment

    *In college at the University of Texas, Vince Young was THE MAN. But at the pro level, well … we won’t as far as most and say he’s a bust, we’ll just say that he has yet to live up to lofty expectations. In fact, if he doesn’t find a team that wants him this […]

  • QB Vince Young Apologizes to Ex Coach Jeff Fisher

    Mar 6, 13 by EURpublisher02 Leave a comment

    *In an interview with the NFL Network on Wednesday, NFL quarterback Vince Young said he recently sent a letter to St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher, his former coach with the Tennessee Titans, apologizing for his actions during their time together. He said the death of teammate and mentor Steve McNair greatly affected him during […]