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  • Oh My! Gayle King Suffers and Shares Wardrobe Malfunction (Look!)

    Mar 14, 15 by EurPublisher 2 Comments

    *Here’s an interesting question for ya. Is Gayle King‘s butt too big or was her Zac Posen dress too small? We ask that interesting question because Friday Madame King had herself a wardrobe malfunction that saw that Zac Posen number split down the middle. Fortunately King thought it was funny and worthy of being shared […]

  • Nicki Minaj Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction at MTV VMAs (Watch)

    Aug 24, 14 by EurPublisher 2 Comments

    *If you saw the opening of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night you saw Nicki Minaj kick thing off with a hella bang, but ended up going out real subdued ironically on a song called “Bang Bang.” Yep, just like her “Anaconda” video, Nicki and her dancers shook things up with raunchy booty action […]

  • Toni Braxton Breaks Silence on Wardrobe Malfunction

    Aug 20, 13 by EURpublisher02 8 Comments

    *Toni Braxton is commenting on the onstage wardrobe malfunction she suffered last week, which nearly left her naked. The singer was performing in New Jersey when her silver mini-dress started to unravel. She was dancing with a male fan she had invited to join her in the spotlight. First, the back of the dress drooped, […]

  • Oops! Toni Braxton’s Wardrobe Malfunction (Watch)

    Aug 18, 13 by EurPublisher 6 Comments

    *Lawd have mercy! It wasn’t exactly on the magnitude of Janet Jackson’s epic 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction/fail, but Toni Braxton‘s is still kinda hard to look at. Well, most of it is. Po’ thang. So far there’s no word on what was the cause, but while performing on stage Friday night in New Brunswick, […]

  • Mariah Carey Has Near ‘Nip Slip’ and Curses on ‘GMA’ (Watch)

    May 24, 13 by EURpublisher02 12 Comments

    *Love her or not, anyone who saw Mariah Carey on “Good Morning America” today has to admit that she was a boiling hot mess — from her complaining about the early hour, to her near wardrobe malfunction, to her sad attempt at one of her vintage “high-pitched” runs that was neither high, nor pitched. Carey […]

  • Mariah Carey’s Nip Slip — So So Tiny (Pic, Video)

    Feb 28, 13 by EURpublisher02 5 Comments

    *One outlet called it “The Emancipation of Mimi’s Nipple.” Mariah Carey had a tiny little nip slip at So So Def’s 20th Anniversary Concert on Saturday (Feb. 23) at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre that is just now making the rounds online. She took the stage to wheel out a birthday cake for So So Def’s founder […]