Drake and dad Dennis_Grahmn*Drake is apparently too busy to make time for his father.

The rapper couldn’t fit studio time in with Dennis Graham, who is making a return to music on his new song, “Kinda Crazy.” As a result, Graham will have to go it alone with rookie female rapper Ze Monroe, who is ready to rhyme.

News of Drake’s non-studio time with his dad comes after Graham put out word on Instagram that he was looking for a “classy” female rapper for a new song and not, as he said, “ghetto style” rappers, who need not apply.

The original plan was for Drizzy to guest star on the track, but that’s now a bust in light of him being unable to fit the studio time into his schedule, TMZ noted. Despite the conflict, Graham says there aren’t any hard feelings.

Still, there may be hope for a future collabo as Graham, who’s in his early 60s, said that although he was asked to perform at a club gig near Coachella (California), where Drake is reportedly headlining, he’s not sure he can stay up that late.