mike epps  (blk man whipping white slaves)

The truth is it’s a fantasy a lot of black folks would like to experience. You know, flipping the script on white folks and making them slaves.

Apparently comedian/actor Mike Epps went ahead and made it happen. Sorta. And of course the blowback from white folks came hard and fast.

Yep, Epps got blasted on social media for posting a photo of a black man whipping white slaves in a cotton field.

He posted the pic on Instagram and Facebook late Thursday night; the cotton field scene also included an image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. floating above … and smiling.

Epps captioned the image, “I am so proud of you bro! Lol.”

(Mike, you is crazy, dude!)

Epps — who’s playing Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic — quickly took down the photo, but not before getting an earful from angry fans, according to TMZ.

But Epps says don’t trip, he was just funnin’ around. Remember, he’s a comedian.  On the other hand,  he understands why some people were angry. Ultimately, he says that’s why he deleted it.

As for where the controversial picture  came from, check out his answer:

One last thing. Epps has a new AOL series called of all things,  “That’s Racist.”  It debuts Monday and he’ll be interviewing people around the country about stereotypes, but insists the photo was  not for promotional purposes.