seattle seahawks mlk tweet

*The Seattle Seahawks may have pulled off an impossible victory over the Green Bay Packers to secure the NFC championship on Sunday, but the team found itself doing damage control over a tweet linking their victory to slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Associated Press reports the Seahawks sent the tweet out on Monday, the national holiday celebrating King. The tweet, which said, “We shall overcome,” was featured with a picture of the team’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, next to a quote from King and the hashtag #MLKDay. Wilson was noted for becoming emotional following the Seahawks’ 28-22 win against the Packers.

The team deleted the tweet later that day and sent out an apology for “poor judgment” while mentioning that it was not their intent to equate football to “the civil rights legacy of Dr. King.”

For those doubting Wilson’s waterworks after the NFC championship game, don’t worry. Marlon Wayans has got you.

“It’s hard to see a grown man cry,” Wayans told TMZ Sports. To hear Wayans tell the real reason Wilson cried, check out the video below: