Stephen-A-Smith*Marshawn Lynch’s brief replies to interview questions isn’t sitting well with Stephen A. Smith, who slammed the athlete Thursday on his SiriusXM radio show.

According to, Smith labeled Lynch’s behavior as “disgraceful and embarrassing” during “The Stephen A. Smith Show” while also taking aim against Josh Gordon and weed, in addition to Johnny Manziel and the U.S.’ crumbling moral foundation

Smith’s criticism of Lynch comes amid the athlete’s conduct during interviews for the big game. On Thursday, Lynch repeatedly answered, “You know why I’m here” to directed to him. The

Joining Smith in his critique of Lynch was Brian Murphy and Joseph Arrambidez, who both had words about Lynch’s handling of interview questions. The following are Murphy and Arrambidez’s tweets about Lynch:

“Marshawn Lynch’s tired sphinx act masks the hard truth that without the media NFL players would be playing in a parking lot for $8 an hour” – Brian Murphy @murphPPress

“Chris Kyle gave his life for our freedom to speak and live freely. Marshawn Lynch mocks that freedom and makes millions doing so.” — joseph arrambidez (@rkid727) January 28, 2015