nigeria elections

*For Nigeria, 2015 starts with expectations. On 14 February General Elections will be held. President Goodluck Jonathan current leader, confirmed in November, 2013 that would run to be re-elected.

it is believed that he will need all the luck in the world with his declining approval ratings. Nigeria has had recycled leaders through the years. especially with those who lead the most populous nation in Africa under different military governments.

Jonathan has been a breath of fresh air by not being a recycled leader. Muhammadu Buhari  former military ruler, a Muslim from north, is challenging President Jonathan, a Christian from the south, in February’s poll.

Many are praying for incident free elections. Many are worried and holding their breath. The world will be watching closely. It is hoped that the government is fully prepared in the light of terror, before, during and after the elections to protect its citizens. contributor, TAYO Fatunla is an award winning  Nigerian Comic Artist, writer and illustrator and Editorial cartoonist. He is a graduate of the prestigious U.S. Art school, The Kubert  School, New Jersey. His cartoons are used for educational purposes in school books, Newsletters, journals and for presentations –