*This past weekend marked 15 years since tragedy struck for victim Natania Reuben at Club New York in Manhattan, according to Hip Hop DX.

In late December,1999, Diddy, Shyne and Jennifer Lopez were involved in a shooting at the club — where a handgun was found at the scene in Diddy’s SUV.

Diddy and Lopez were there celebrating Shyne’s upcoming debut album. But the celebration was cut short because of the shooting.

Many pointed the finger at Diddy — claiming he was in possession of the handgun, but he was acquitted on the charges. Shyne was accused and served nine years behind bars.

Reuben responded to someone’s comments about the tragedy unexpectedly on Instagram.

“I have been able to stand on my faith to pull thru,” Reuben wrote.

She discussed her feelings in further exchanges with fellow commenters. See the full conversations at Instagram.

She was shot in the face that night. She criticized the initial post about the the lack thereof sympathy for the victims.

Reuben received a $1.8 million payout as the result of a civil suit settlement more than a decade ago.