big sean & larry king

*Big Sean opened up to Larry King about both his professional and personal lives — including his relationship with Ariana Grande and his mentor Kanye West‘s controversial remarks, according to “Larry King Now.”

Sean came to West’s defense after the Beck and other controversies — calling the rap legend an opinionated, respectable boss and mentor.  He credits him for being a great teacher.

“The stuff I learned from him, the lessons, you know the hours, I’m talking about rewriting verses to just paying attention to the production, just doing every single thing you can to make it the best you can, you know I do that on my own and that’s something I learned from him.”

Speaking of being in the studio, Sean released a new album this week, “Dark Sky Paradise.” And he said, he didn’t care about what his record label had to say about it. Although, he was surprised “IDFWU” became a radio hit.

“The first single from the album, you know, obviously wasn’t meant to be a radio song,” he said. “I just realized when you do music from the heart, music people can relate to, that’s the best way to do it.”

“I feel like this album—I really just concentrated on doing what I wanted to do. I feel like I’ve always listened to—you know, there’s always been a label in my ear,” he added. “There’s always been somebody, “We need this type of song, this type of song.” I just didn’t care about that this time.”

As for his personal life, he called his relationship with  Grande “pretty serious.” As for if marriage is on the horizon, watch the clip below.

Watch the clip below: