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Actress Stacey Dash arrives at FOX, 20th Century FOX Television, FX Networks And National Geographic Channel’s 2014 Emmy Award Nominee Celebration at Vibiana on August 25, 2014 in Los Angeles, California

*As I have stated before, I could write a whole book on the sins of the propaganda outlet called FOX News.

However, I have to talk about Stacey Dash, who was inexplicably hired as a news commentator on FOX News last year. It’s kind of surprising that she was hired to comment on political and current events, because Dash has little background in these subjects.

She is a C-list actress semi-famous for her role as Alicia Silverstone’s sidekick in the ‘90s hit “Clueless,” and a bit part as Damon Wayan’s love interest in the comedy “Mo’ Money.”

She is an actress first and foremost, and, according to her bio, has zero experience in politics. Apparently, Dash voted for President Barack Obama in 2008, but publicly switched her allegiance to Mitt Romney in 2012, drawing the wrath from black people online.

Actually, I think Dash’s emergence as a political commentator is a strategic career rebranding. She never really hit it big in Hollywood. She had a few small roles here and there, but was never a headliner or starred in her own show. Coming out as a Republican commentator allows her to develop a new career in conservative circles. Dennis Miller, who used to be one of the sharpest minds in comedy, has carved out a niche as a speaker and commentator in the right-wing media. Too bad he isn’t funny anymore, because I used to be a big fan of his HBO show.
Dash’s decision to market herself as a Republican has more to do with her faltering acting career. She’s almost 50 and I’m sure the roles for black women of her age are not pouring in.It won’t be long before she writes a book accusing Hollywood of ending her career after she came out as a conservative. She also fits the FOX News’ mould; pretty and not too bright. Most of the female commentators look like fashion models and are encouraged to wear short skirts to better suit FOX’s largely male audience.

Although FOX News portrays itself as the backer of family values and all things conservative, they don’t mention that Dash has been divorced three times and posed for Playboy. She probably fits in well with the rest of the staff at FOX, which includes anchor Megyn Kelly, who posed in lingerie, and Bill O’Reilly who patronized hookers and was sued for sexual harassment.

It doesn’t matter that Dash’s political opinions are no better than what you would hear at your neighborhood barber shop. Her views are about as informed as Ray-Ray and Tyrone from around the way. She was hired because she looks good and will repeat the same mindless blather as the rest of the FOX News fembots. And it also helps that FOX has a black face who is happy to beat up on blacks and other minorities.

Writing on NewsOne, Michael Arceneaux is equally as dismissive of Dash’s political experience. He said, “Stacey Dash wouldn’t have an informed political opinion if it were sewn in to her skull. Dash has been given this platform on FOX News for two reasons: She is a Black conservative willing to articulate White patriarchal viewpoints about race and gender to the delight of her White male co-hosts. The other is that Dash is a celebrity, which once again reminds us that society’s insatiable need for all things famous has created a climate in which anyone with even a modicum of clout can step in to any arena they want to.”

It didn’t take long for Dash to put her foot in her mouth. In October 2014, she accused the Democrats of encouraging a “plantation mentality” among the African-American community. And more recently, while discussing the campus rape epidemic, she said female rape victims were “bad girls” who were being “naughty.” As with many other FOX commentators, Dash was forced to make a hurried apology.

But what do you expect? Dash was not hired for her political insight. She was hired because she’s photogenic and makes old men horny. We shouldn’t be surprised when she makes brain farts like this. After all, she works for the network that employs Sarah Palin.

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