*EUR was on the scene at the 46th NAACP Image Awards to ask the stars, who their favorite celebrates are.

EUR: Who are you excited to see tonight?

Omar J. Dorsey

Omar J. Dorsey: Oprah is amazing! I love her. She is a fairy godmother. She comes through and sprinkles pixie dust and everything gets better. I learned how to compartmentalize from her. She’s trying to buy a basketball team, while learning lines, while getting her hair done – I’ve never seen anything like that. Talk about a boss…she does boss moves all day.

Raven Goodwin: Kerry Washington! I’m all about ‘Scandal!’ ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’ one of my good friends, Jessie Usher, is on that show and I’m so proud of him.


Omarosa: Eric Holder! I’m a political junkie so the fact that their honoring the Attorney General is amazing.

Sharon Leal: I’m really excited to see Kerry Washington and Oprah! The Image Awards is always a good night, everyone’s out…there’s lots of chocolate!

Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett: I just met Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate! I would love to meet Harry Belafonte! I love him and Sidney Poitier so much. They were able to do their art, have a voice, and speak out on issues. They were able to firmly stand on the ground as men in this industry and that’s really special to me.

Jerrika Hinton: I heard somebody call out, ‘Michel’le!’ And I was like, ‘what, what Michel’le!’ My teenage self got really happy!

Paula Jai Parker

Paula Jai Parker: Anthony Anderson. Anthony and I went to college together and he has always been like a little brother to me. To see him soaring is exciting!