*Can you see it? Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as drug dealing club owner James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the Starz drama “Power?”

It almost happened.

Before Omari Hardwick had the role in Courtney Kemp Agboh’s gritty drama, 50 Cent was so hyped on the show’s concept that he wanted to do more than just serve as one of its executive producers.

“Me and Courtney, we talked about the project so often and went back and forth. I became passionate about it to the point that I wanted to commit to be in the lead,” he told the TCA in January. “Then, when we got down to the wire, talking about how much time it would require and what I would have to, actually, to not do in the rest of my life. I said, ‘No, Omari is definitely Ghost.’”

50 Cent as Kanan in the Starz Original Series "Power"

50 Cent as Kanan in the Starz Original Series “Power”

Jackson, instead, took on the role of Kanan, Ghost’s former boss in the drug game. At the end of last season, we see him getting out of prison, ready to make a comeback against his former protégé.

“The Kanan character is all Courtney. She developed it and put me in the spot that I’m really excited about being in this season,” Jackson said. “I get a chance to strut my stuff a little bit because I got some real moments in this actual season that people will feel like it’s authentic and be passionate about the character following that.”

Below, the Queens rapper tells us what he thinks of Omari as Ghost, and what he thinks the actor brings to the character that he may not have been able to pull off had he taken the role (with Omari chiming in):