i really hate my ex,*”B.A.P.S.” writer Troy Byer is behind the new (anti-)romantic comedy, “I Really Hate My Ex,” which is set for DVD release on April 14 by Lionsgate, according to Indiewire’s Shadow and Act.

The rom-com follows three women who kidnap their exes. Therefore, the ladies can at last get the closure and answers the need in order to move on.

It stars Chris Spencer, Leon Robinson, Darrin DeWitt Henson and Byer herself star in this rom-com and are among many more co-starring.

Byer not only wrote and starred in the film, she’s the producer and director. Karon Aghotte and Christopher Bailey are the other producers.

“I wrote ‘Ex-Free: 9 Keys To Freedom After Heartbreak’ and the book made such a big difference for my friends so I thought I could make a bigger difference if I created a film .I wanted to get the message to a wider audience,” she told Sister 2 Sister.

Watch the trailer below: