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*It’s been a while since we’ve had a must-see sitcom for the family. No need to fear, because this weekend marks the return of Byron Allen’s hot sitcom, “Mr. Box Office,” one of the very few shows to sell 104 episodes shows into syndication. The G-rated family friendly sitcom stars Bill Bellamy, Vivica A. Fox, Jon Lovitz and Essence Atkins, Alex Thomas and Tony T. Roberts.

It’s very reminiscent of the 90 sitcoms that families would watch and enjoy together. The suave Bellamy, who hasn’t aged since the time of “Love Jones, has great comedic chemistry with Vivica A. Fox who plays an over the top teacher who doesn’t want to work and tries to get her claws into him every chance she gets. However, Atkins, the very opposite of Fox, actually gets a chance to make-out with the leading man. Her journey of landing this role, is quite impressive.  Watch the video to hear her story.

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“Byron Allen has fought to keep the sitcom”, explained Fox, “which is now considered a dying breed.” The show has been running for a year and a half now and shown all over the world. Jon Lovitz says one lesson of the show is that it highlights the importance of education.

If you want to take a mini-vacation, described by star Lovitz, consider watching the show if you haven’t yet. “It’s a funny show. Nothing heavy … just a light comedy.”

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‘Mr. Box Office’: Must-See Sitcom Stars Bill Bellamy & Vivica Fox (Watch)