Muted (HBO flyer)

*A new (short) film called “Muted” is out and sheds light on what happens when you go missing and you’re an African American.

The film has even earned critical acclaim, landing HBO’s Short Film Award at this year’s American Black Film Festival. In fact, it’ll make its premiere on HBO this Thursday, February 12.

“Muted” which stars Emmy nominee Chandra Wilson and Malcolm Jamal Warner, paints a harsh reality for a family on a quest to find their missing daughter.

The film, which was fully funded through a very successful Kickstarter campaign. It tells the powerful story of a black mother whose young daughter is missing, as she struggles, not only with the anguishing search for her daughter, but also with the media’s indifference to her situation, a plight that has been shared by many black parents.

The women behind “Muted,” writer and actress Brandi Ford, director Rachel Goldberg and producer Tara Tomicevic, chatted up the film with MSNBC’s Joy Reid. Check out the interview below to learn more about Muted and what you can do to help return the missing to their families.

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