nick-gordon-jerod brown

*As Bobbi Kristina lay in a coma, her boyfriend Nick Gordon and cousin Jerod Brown have launched a line of t-shirts bearing her image and the hashtag #PrayforBK.

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Tina Brown told that the family was horrified to learn the news. “He’s doing it outside the family,” she told Radar. “They shouldn’t do that.”

But Jerod insists he’s only giving them away — “My own dime,” he said. His goal is so “when she wakes up and see people tagging her with the shirt she’s gonna know I played my part.”

He reiterated the claim on Instagram Wednesday:

According to Radar Online, Jerod continues to be friends with Gordon despite unanswered questions about what happened between Gordon and Bobbi Kristina in the days and hours before she was rushed to a hospital on January 31. Since then, her father, Bobby Brown, has refused to allow Gordon to visit his daughter’s bedside until he meets certain “conditions,” which reportedly include talking openly with investigators and the Brown family what happened.

Gordon pleaded Wednesday through Twitter postings for Bobby to at least play a recording of him talking to Bobbi Kristina, so that she could hear his voice. He tweeted, “If her father @KingBobbyBrown really cared about his daughter. Play a tape recorder with my voice her fav music LET HER WAKE UP.”