Yep sir, she said it!

Yep sir, she said it!

*Well that didn’t take long.

It was only a day ago that we published the story of Australian TV anchor Samantha Armytage and her co-host who interviewed a pair of fraternal twins. The twins had captured attention because although they looked different (that’s the fraternal part) one looked black, while the other looked white. Maria takes more after her half-Jamaican mom, while Lucy looks more like her Caucasian dad.

Armytage stuck her foot in her mouth when she “congratulated” Lucy right after the “Lucy got her dad’s fair skin” part by adding, “Good on her!”

Needless to say, if the quick, but surprised glance from her co-host didn’t give her some kind of clue that she had messed up, the backlash that ensued after a petition accusing her of racism and demanding an apology did.

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