Claudio Giardiello killed judge and lawyer in milan

Claudio Giardiello killed the judge, his lawyer and a co-defendant in a Milan courthouse

*In an unfathomable chain of events, a man on trial for fraudulent bankruptcy unleashed his rage and took the lives of three victims as a result in a rampage through a Milan courthouse; casting a harsh spotlight on public security measures that Italy tightened earlier this year according to Reuters.

Police said Claudio Giardiello shot judge, Fernando Ciampi, in his office, and had already opened fire earlier in the courtroom, killing a lawyer and his co-defendant in a bankruptcy fraud trial. A fourth person was wounded.

Giardiello is said to have fired as many as 13 shots inside the Palace of Justice in central Milan before fleeing, according to police. But cops caught up with him and he was put under arrest in Vimercate, a town north of Italy’s financial center, as mentioned in a tweet posted on a twitter feed by Interior Minister Angelino Alfano.

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