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*Marlon Samuda is a young Jamaican actor making his way through Los Angeles. His early love for the arts started in Prep School and developed throughout high school in Jamaica where he was awarded the gold medal in Jamaica’s Secondary Schools’ Drama Festival.

Son of renowned attorney Milton J. Samuda and his wife, Elizabeth, and brother of Matthew Samuda, recently elected President of Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Generation 2000 (G2K), Marlon graduated from the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, with a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting for Film in June, 2014. At the age of 22, he was the youngest graduate. Now 23, he is making his mark in the Los Angeles theatre and film scene.

Marlon recently joined SkyPilot Theatre Company and will be playing Dr. Bruce in their upcoming original production of “Mermaid Wars,” premiering Friday, June  5, 2015. “Mermaid Wars” takes place in August, 2001, when the United States is hit with a surprise attack by mermaids. The U.S. has been fighting the mermaids for more than a decade -­ badly. The attack by mermaids, humans and the government’s intervention are all part of this “extra-normal” play.  Mermaid  Wars will be part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Samuda is also involved in the New Media world. He recently signed on as guest director, guest star and script supervisor for the upcoming web series 20 to Life by DIVO Productions, a drama centered around a group of twenty-somethings dealing with “quarter- life crisis” and the harsh realities of life post-college in modern day society.

marlon samuda (love game holidays)

Marlon Samuda in ‘Love Game (Holidays)’


Last December, he landed the role of Darius Thomas in “Love Game (Holidays)” written and directed by James Turner, the story of ten college graduates who spend a month in a house during the holidays in the hopes of finding true love. The lucky couple   that   finds   true   love   will win $100,000. The director was so impressed with his audition that he rewrote the  part of Darius  — “Jamaican-ising” it.     Samuda  and Jamee/ah  Lane  in Love  Game (Holidays) Members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Theatre Awards Committee were in attendance at some of the performances.

In the same month, Samuda made his American writing and directorial debut in the Dirk Swain Foundation’s 48 Hour Stage Show. The 48 Hour Stage Show is a monthly play in which a group of fearless writers, directors and actors are given 48 hours to write, rehearse and tech short plays. He is now a VIP member of the 48 Hour Stage Show Group.

Marlon went on to play the young monk in Becket directed by Image Award winner, Lonny Stevens. Becket or the Honour of God, is a portrayal of the infamous relationship between St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury and King Henry II of England. What begins as a friendship between the two ends with the assassination of Thomas Becket. The play examines the relationship of England and France as well as the separation of church and state.

Samuda will also be starring in Dennis Mcintyre’s Split Second, again directed by Lonny Stevens, about a black police officer who shoots a white racist man. Throughout the play, the officer must deal with his heavy conscience. The justice system, race, violence and self-justification are all explored in this dramatic play, all of which are very relevant in today’s turbulent world.

Marlon Samuda is ready to act, with both theatre and myriad film credits to bring to the table.  Marlon’s resume can be accessed here. We expect to see great things from this talented actor!





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