bb king (toronto)

*As you know by now, Mr. B. B. King died on Thursday at age 89.

You may be wondering the specific cause of death. Now we know. According to the late blues man’s doctor and the Clark County, Nevada coroner, he died of a series of small strokes attributable to his longstanding battle with type 2 diabetes.

According to the AP, Dr. Darin Brimhall and Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said the medical term for the cause of death is multi-infarct dementia.

It’s sometimes referred to as MID, and is also called vascular dementia.

Dementia is a permanent loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases, including diabetes. It usually affects adults over age 55, and can affect memory, thinking, language and judgment.

Brimhall says King’s strokes resulted from reduced blood flow as a consequence of chronic diabetes — or unhealthy fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

B.B. King was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost 30 years ago.