bobby shmurda with (squat - mc1 )*A $2 million bail isn’t the only problem Bobby Shmurda has in relation to his arrest after a police raid back in December put him away.

Now he’s involved in a gang-related fight incident at Otis Bantum Correctional Center in New York, according to TMZ.

Shmurda and five other inmates were involved in an alleged brawl between Bloods and Crips on April 15. Pepper spray was allegedly used to call off the fight.

“It’s unclear how long he will stay at the Manhattan Detention Complex, also known as The Tombs, which is primarily used to house inmates short term following arrests or for court appearances,” DNAInfo reported earlier in the year.

He told Vulture that the NYPD targeted him due to his fame and maintained his innocence when talking with the publication.

“I’m innocent,” he said. “I’ll explain it to all of them. I’m just a young black kid coming from a nasty neighborhood. I made it out, and a lot of people don’t want to see that.”