*Not many artists in the industry has the ability to write, perform and engineer their own music, but upcoming artist B. Peace is bringing some new flavor to the R&B genre. Singer, writer and instrumentalist, B Peace wants to make an impact on the industry and wants to bring real honesty and sinceridity to the career.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, B. Peace growing up was apart of a family that was stressed the importance of an education which led him to Loyola Marymount University where he got his degree in Urban Studies and spent a year in law school. He could have been Attorney B. Peace but instead music was calling his name.

“I love music and I am really good with business,” said B. Peace. “When I was in law school and having a chance to be an attorney, seeing and doing the internships, I knew that I would not be happy and since music makes me happy, I wanted to do something that I love.”

With such a unique style of play and ability to create his own flow and process of his music from producing, engineering, playing either guitar or keyboard, B. Peace has a more self-inspired approach in the industry.

“I really don’t have to rely on people, if I need to create something in my home studio I can do most of the work myself,” said B. Peace. “I try to put my hand in every hat so that I can have an understanding what needs to be done.”

For any individual in the industry, the opportunity to meet an icon is a big honor, and B. Peace got the chance to see and admire the late Michael Jackson at a young age. Upon seeing him, B. Peace felt the moment was surreal and that it was before he really knows who Jackson really was in music. B. Peace was influenced into music from Jackson’s humbleness, appearance, singing and control of the audience during his performance. “He is one of the forefathers that every musician and entertainer wants to become,” said B. Peace.

From Michael Jackson to other musicians from Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, Ne-Yo, The Dream, B. Peace has a list of individuals that he admires in the industry. Standouts, John Mayer and Aerosmith was apart of that list that B. Peace loves as it is a variety of music that speaks to people within the lyrics.

His 90’s “feel good” music in comparison to group, Blackstreet is what he wants to bring to back to industry. With his mixtape, “Cupcake & A Bottle,” B. Peace composes it with soulful, heart-felt and a mixture of old and new is what’s important to him. “I gave out samples to my family and friends and I thought of the music as being sweet with someone or trying to talk to someone,” said B. Peace.

His first single, “Bigger Than Both Of Us” is a meaningful and catchy track.

“The concept came from how these young kids that are given a situation of having children,” said B. Peace. “It is speaking out that the child is the main concern of all relationships despite the differences that the parents may have…the child is bigger than both of us.”

B. Peace has his eyes set out to bring a new movement to the industry by combining his generation and those who came before him by delivering music that can make listeners really understand and identify what he wrote or performed.

For more information on B. Peace, you can go to www.bpeacemusic.com, friend him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter: @RnBPEACE