Lander Braggs turned down scholarship

Lander Braggs, 17, engineering genius

*When considering all of the ways violence can affect a community, we often only see in black and blue. And while physical bruises eventually fade away, its the emotional bruises that continue to linger.

We see this example in communities where the residents have given up hope. They’ve witnessed too much devastation, and not enough preservation.

And now we see a new page turning on the effect of violence in our communities. A page that warrants our attention; because it speaks volumes about the kind of future our children will have.

Case in point: 17-year-old Chicago resident Lander Braggs (pictured) has decided to turn down the offer for a scholarship valued at $80,000 to attend the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology. True, he is an up and coming technical engineer; with the obvious aptitude to perform well in school; but he doesn’t want to attend school in this particular city.


Because he is afraid that his black life doesn’t matter in the eyes of the police.

Ouch. That hurts.

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