jay z freestyling
*Jay Z blasted his critics who are coming for his struggling streaming service Tidal at his Saturday night “B-sides” concert at Terminal 5 in New York.

Jay kept a promise to fans. He offered special content to Tidal subscribers — including  performing three decades of hits in a show that streamed live for them; He gave out free tickets to thousands of users who provided the best B-sides playlists for his performance.

He took the time to diss his competitors while performing: Apple, YouTube and Spotify all were blasted by the new music streaming owner, according to the Wrap.

“I feel like YouTube is the biggest culprit. Them ni**as pay you a tenth of what you supposed to get,” Jay said in epic freestyle rap.

“So I’m the bad guy now I hear,” said Jay who received Tidal backlash. “All because I don’t go with the flow and ain’t nobody taking advantage of me. And I love my nig*as… I don’t know why everyone is acting like this is brand new. They ain’t give me a record contract, so I made my own record company… I’m never gonna go with the flow. I’m never gonna let nobody take over our music. I see s**t that maybe you don’t see.”

Being criticized since Jay bought it in January, Tidal launched last year and he relaunched the rival app to Spotify on March 30.

The service is different by providing ($19.99 a month) high-definition audio tracks and for garnering deals with mainstream artists like Beyonce who released an exclusive song using the service.

Watch the concert below: