claudia jordan (alabama mall)

*Dang, they are trippin’ big time down in Opelika, Alabama. Or maybe it’s because it’s all in Claudia Jordan‘s mind.

No matter how you slice it, something ain’t right with this picture. On Friday, Jordan, now a regular on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” made the trip Alabama to check out Ginuwine performing at the Opelika Event Center. However, things went left when she and Ginuwine were allegedly kicked out of Auburn Mall within moments of their arrival because she wouldn’t take off her shades.

Claudia is claiming that she was racially profiled and on the surface, it’s kinda hard to argue against the possibility. But based on the video evidence below it’s difficult to absolutely say that’s what it is, definitively. Without knowing exactly what the mall’s official policy is and why, it’s hard to conclusively say she and Ginuwine were racially profiled. Unless they have a problem with light-skinned black women who wear shades … inside the mall.

Check out the videos below and see if you can tell what’s going on. Speak on it!

source: Complex