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*Raven-Symoné is in favor of a woman being on the $20 bill…just not the people’s choice of Harriet Tubman.

“No offense to everyone that’s going to be mad at me for saying this, I don’t like that idea,” she said as a guest co-host on “The View” Wednesday. “I think we need to move a little bit forward. Let me just preface that I understand the history, I get it, trust me, I was taught, I’m in that culture…”

As previously reported, Tubman topped an unofficial online poll asking what woman should replace President Andrew Jackson. Symone ran through some of the other options suggested by the “Women on 20s” survey, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Patsy Mink and Rosa Parks.

“Me personally, I would have chosen Rosa Parks,” said Raven. “I would have chosen someone that is closer to the progression that we’re doing now. And I know you have to understand history so that you don’t repeat it, but that doesn’t really happen in our world, because we still repeat history of hating other cultures over and over again. So I would choose a different one, no offense.”

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