chad l coleman (walking dead)

*It’s too late now.

He’s already made a complete ass of himself for the world to see, but “Walking Dead” actor, Chad L. Coleman, is apologizing for going bonkers on passengers on a New York City subway train.

For the record, he’s blaming his three-minute tirade Friday on “built-up frustration” caused by Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore. He also wants you to know that it can’t be blamed on alcohol ’cause he wasn’t boozed up.

Coleman went left and began cursing and ranting about “humanitarians” on a downtown No. 4 train after he clams a passenger used the N-word.

“I wanna know where my humanitarians are . . . I’m not trying to f–k with you!” he shouted while pacing around the train, video footage reveals.

As we said, Coleman, who played Tyreese on “The Walking Dead” insisted that he wasn’t drunk, just upset.

“It was all just a big mistake,” a relative at his home in Queens told TMZ about the actor’s odd behavior.

Watch Chad L. Coleman unravel: