Floyd Mayweather

*If your name is Floyd Mayweather Jr., and you’re reading this – Freddie Mercury is calling from beyond the grave, and he wants his jorts back!

Because the Internet has no chill, Mayweather was blasted for wearing jorts to Oracle Arena for Game 2 of the NBA Finals Sunday night.

In case you’re new to this fashion trickery, jorts are jean shorts, popular mostly during the 80’s-early 90’s among teen girls and sizzling gay males.

Floyd must have been feeling hella extra for game 2, so naturally, the Internet set itself to shaming the boxing champ.


In response to the Internet shaming, Floyd posted a soliloquy about haters on his Instagram.

…Or maybe it makes you want to unfollow him…

We doubt Mayweather was phased by the backlash, after all, he was probably tired after spending Saturday night doing this (peep NSFW video below).

Meanwhile, negotiations regarding the Amir Khan vs Floyd Mayweather Jr fight will start two months from now, reports say. The two camps are expected to start discussion for a mega-money showdown in Las Vegas on September 12.

“I’m going to be the next Floyd Mayweather whether I fight him or not,” Khan said according to a report by Daily Mail. He also promises to be the first in line to own the welterweight division once Mayweather, now 39, hangs his boots.