Tamar Braxton @ Sony Music Entertainment 2015 Post-Grammy Reception.

Tamar Braxton @ Sony Music 2015 Post-Grammy Reception. (Zimbio)

*Ah, yes – singing and dancing in front of a holy cross. The ultimate sin. Tamar gon’ learn today…. Just kidding, but Tamar Braxton’s fans – who she refers to as the “Tamartians” – came for her entire blonde wig collection Thursday when she posted a video that many social media users considered “blasphemous.”

In a clip Tamar shared on her Instagram page (scroll down to see it), a man is seen “praise dancing” in a white, two piece ensemble to Tamar’s “If I Don’t Have You.” In the video, the man is dancing in front of a cross and altar, causing people to declare the dance disrespectful.

Tamar, however, defended the dancer and the video with a lengthy message that has since been deleted.

“How about EVERYONE (chair emoji)!!! Why is this man “praise dancing” in church blasphemy?? Don’t even try THAT,” she wrote. “This is HIS interpretation and I’m VERY saved and sensitive to my spirit!!! So vote on it and STOP being petty and silly and VOE or fill your heart with love and show respect for how someone wants [sic] to express themselves!!”

The Braxton Family Values” star continued:

“I’ve seen PLENTY of “praise dancing” AT church to R&B songs!!! U all have too!! So GET SOMEWHERE AND SAT DOWN!! I don’t cure nor am I talking about sex … (In my songs) I’m speaking about LOVE witch is what GOD is!!”

“Most of you need JESUS! #imDONE.”

She later followed up with an apology which read:

“Like I said … This is first!! To the saved, not so saved, and people who judge everyone while they fall short … my bad, I wasn’t trying to offend you and your love for Christ!! I LOVE him too!! So pray for me. But this is this man interpretation and I FEEL he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful!! Sorry if I offended anyone PERSONALLY … BUT I’m not sorry for understanding his artistic interpretation. Get your life.”