vivica-a. fox*Vivica A. Fox talked with about reprising her role as Jasmine Dubrow in “Independence Day 2,” coming out next summer.

Will Smith is not returning, but Jessie Usher will play her son. In the first film, she was a stripper and single mother who marries Smith’s character Captain Steven Hiller.

Vivica A. Fox: I just started this week and walking back on that set and working with Jeff Goldblum and Roland Emmmerich the director, it was like the first film was yesterday. We are so blessed that the audience has been so hungry for this sequel to happen. Unfortunately, Will (Smith) decided that he didn’t want to come back. I’m working with a young up and coming actor named Jessie Usher, who has all the wonderful qualities that will remind you of Will but he’s playing my son. I’m glad that they chose Jessie Usher and Will gave them his blessing when they cast him. So, we’re going to hold it down and the sci-fi audience are so faithful that I think the sequel will be successful.

In the sequel, where is Jasmine at this point?
Vivica A. Fox: I will not be on the poll. She was a stripper with a heart of gold, and who had said that she was doing it because the money was good. Now she’s a hospital administrator and she’s running the hospital and I’m glad that they moved her character forward as a woman.

The first film opened on July 3, 1996 and made $817.4 million worldwide. The second film is set for theaters on Friday, June 24, 2016.