Gang actor*WARNING: We hope this is only a rumor.

It originated from a post on on July 25 and has since gone viral.

The post warns people to be safe because L. A. gang members have vowed to kill 100 people in 100 days and the threat is said to have been inspired by the killing of  [a] 27-year-old man on July 17; a death that sparked alarming hashtags such as #100days100nights and #PrayforLA on Twitter and other sites.

The post reads:

post on gangsNo one knows for sure if this is real or not. Some sites say it is; while “urban legend”/rumor site says it’s not.

But as crazy as people can be these days, its better to be safe than sorry so don’t make any unnecessary trips to new neighborhoods. Capeesh?

The rumor spawned reflections on numerous urban  legends about how gangs engage in ill-thought out games, contests, and initiations that end up with innocent, random people dead. And heated racial tensions along with a seemingly endless wave of profiling, police brutality and now, a growing number of mysterious jail-cell deaths, could very well be the trigger these gangs need to release a misguided boast like killing 100 people in 100 days.

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