*”Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” arrives in theaters October 23, and producer Jason Blum tells the Electronic Urban Report/EUR that it will indeed be the final film in the franchise.

In fact, “Ghost Dimension” will  answer all the burning fan questions, and most exciting is the reveal of Toby, who viewers will only be able to see via 3D glasses.

Jason also teased with bits of insight about his forthcoming untitled project with M. Night Shyamalan, and the politically driven thriller “The Purge 3.”

“This is it, it’s the last chapter and I felt like we made five movies before this (that) kept asking more questions than they answered,” Jason tells EUR. “Talking bout Toby but not seeing him. So we decided before we started writing this script, that with this movie, we would stop teasing and starting answering. The 3D component fits into that. The 3D is a way to help you see the paranormal activity or to see the ghost, Toby.”

He continued:

“It’s not impossible that some amazing filmmaker could come in a handful of years and say ‘Look, here’s a reboot of a whole new way to tell a “Paranormal Activity movie,’ but it would be new characters, new everything. We’d start from scratch.”

Did you and producer/writer Oren Peli always have this intricate mythology in mind?

Jason: I wish I could say yes we were clever enough to….but in no way when we did the first movie did we image there would be a second. When we did the second movie, we did not imagine that there would be the third. When we did the third movie, which meant the first and second were successful, then we thought ‘Okay, there might be a four or five.’ But the movies came out quickly, one right after the other so there was no real way to view, like what Marvel does and think about a whole universe. We were really working as fast we can to get one out after the next after the next, so we decided this would be the last movie about a year ago.

In what ways do you believe 3D enhances the viewing experience?

Jason: We used 3D as kind of an organic storytelling device. We didn’t just tact it on the movie. The 3D is very integral to the storytelling because the storytelling is about showing ghosts, and they way we crafted it is, the only way to see the ghosts is with 3D.

Horror franchises often have multiple sequels, but the later installments are more often a miss rather than a hit. How did you and your team set out to ensure fans would continue supporting each installment?

Jason: We tried to make the movies as good as we possibly could. I feel like some of them came out better than others but we really worked as hard as we could to make them good and enjoyable and for the most part I think we did pretty well. I think our least successful one was “Paranormal Activity 4,” and I wish that movie was better but overall, the track record was pretty good so our fans stuck with us. I’m appreciative of that.

What types of scenarios do you draw from for inspiration to help you reinvent the horror genre and test the limits of your audience?

Jason: Mostly from current events – what’s going on around the world. I think what makes the scariest things is to tackle subjects that are on people’s mind and twist them into scary context.

While he couldn’t delve too much into his exciting 2016 projects, Jason did confirm that “The Purge 3” will continue with the overt political message of the first two films. He also said he’s excited about this forthcoming untitled M. Night Shyamalan project, which he describes as, “a low-budget movie, and it’s a thriller and it’s original and it’s terrific and it’s more of a thriller than “The Visit” is and I love it.”