amber rose (slut walk)

*Some are describing it as half political protest/half circus.

We’re talking about the event called  the “SlutWalk” which is the brainchild of stripper-turned-model/actress Amber Rose. It was held in Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday.

As far as what sparked the idea, here’s what Amber told MTV:

“I deal with a lot of equality issues in my own life, and I wanted to make a difference any way I can. So basically me and my team put our blood, sweat and tears into developing our own Slut-Walk to bring awareness to what’s going on.”

The mostly female crowd, some topless, others in costume and in various states of dress, carried signs declaring “My Clothes Are Not My Consent” and “The Way I Dress Does Not Mean Yes.”

Speaking of signs, Amber’s mother was seen hold one that read, “F*ck yo 30 showers!” …which was an obvious reference to Kanye West’s infamous interview where he said Kim made him take 30 showers just to rid him of Amber.

And speaking of KimYe, in a letter given to everyone on the red carpet, Rose asked she only get questions about the walk and her personal endeavors. One paragraph specifically states that anyone who brings up Kanye & Kim will be kicked out, reports TMZ.

Meanwhile, Rose, 31, bearing a sign that read “Strippers Have Feelings Too,” led the group on a brief march up and down Olive Street as curious tourists and shoppers, and a few hecklers, watched.

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See photos we can’t show from the event at Amber’s Instagram.

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