*Let’s face it, life can sometimes look like one big FEAR FACTOR if you let it.

What with all the killings, kidnappings, and racially-charged protests, its not unusual to look in that rear-view mirror a bit more than usual, check on your child every second they are out of your sight, and just be all around suspicious anytime you’re out in public.

So what if somebody told you, hey, “There’s an app for that!”

There is…kind of.

But the apps, marketed as crime prevention tools, are now getting the side eye from folks who say, wait, this is not an app that is designed to help us, it looks more like an app for racial profiling. These new applications have names like “SketchFactor,” “,” and here’s one for ya, “” and they are still in the experimentation stage.

And according to an article in Washington Post, retail owners in posh, white neighborhoods are using them to alert the authorities to ‘suspicious blacks.’

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