Ben-Carson*Dr. Ben Carson isn’t getting high marks with the voting public thanks to recent remarks he made about how victims of the Umpqua Community College mass shooting should’ve rushed the gunman.

And the politician’s recollection of a past memory may keep him in the same spot. Chatting with Sirius XM Radio host Karen Hunter, Carson shared a story of his reaction when a gun was pulled on him at Popeye’s, CNN reports.

“I have had a gun held on me when I was in a Popeye’s organization,” he told Hunter Wednesday (Oct. 7). “Guy comes in, put the gun in my ribs. And I just said, ‘I believe that you want the guy behind the counter.’”

The years since the incident apparently have had particular effect on Carson as his reaction to the Popeye’s gunman differs from the strategy he advocated when discussing the Oregon shooting.

“Not only would I probably not cooperate with him, I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say, ‘Hey, guys, everybody attack him! He may shoot me but he can’t get us all,’” the GOP presidential hopeful said during an interview on Fox and Friends.

Since news surfaced of Carson’s comments about the Oregon shooting, many have labeled him insensitive.

Among those criticizing the retired neurosurgeon is Mathew Downing, a survivor of the shooting. In his eyes, Carson’s couldn’t capture what people were thinking at the time of the shooting unless he was among those experiencing what happened first hand.

“I’m fairly upset he said that,” Downing told CNN. “Nobody could truly understand what actions they would take like that in a situation unless they lived it.”

For Carson’s interview with Hunter, check out the video below: