edward snowden*The #BlackLivesMatter movement has gained many supporters since its formation, but its newest ally may be the most famous (or infamous) of all.

The Huffington Post reports that national whistleblower Edward Snowden has been corresponding with Ferguson and Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson on social media after posting the following tweet:

“If you want to protect your rights, you’ve got to protect the rights of others. Social justice is common sense.”

After seeing Snowden’s tweet, Mckesson responded back with asking him to share his thoughts about the Black Lives Matter movement. Comparing the unjust policing of certain communities to government surveillance, Snowden labeled it “unevenly distributed.”

Since putting the NSA’s surveillance habits on blast in 2013, Snowden has been among those who have been one to watch, in the eyes of the government.

As their Twitter back and forth continued, Mckesson asked Snowden what he and other Black Lives Matter activists who have been constantly monitored in recent months, could do. The Post notes Snowden’s recommendation that the activists organize and encrypt all of the data that they pass along to one another.

“And always, always, always have a backup plan for leaderless resistance,” Snowden recommended. “Spontaneous organization is the hardest for adversaries to counter.”

Ending their Twitter interaction, Mckesson reached out to Snowden, asking if he would be open to holding a joint public talk to discuss surveillance and state violence.

Snowden’s answer proved to be positive with him gladly agreeing to do so.

Now that Snowden is aligning with Black Lives Matter, what say you? Is the unlikely partnership a plus or a major minus for the movement?

Weigh in below.