janet jackson (unbreakable tour poster)

*It seems Janet Jackson and her team have come to their senses as far as how to deal with her fans in the age of social media.

As we reported, fans who took video of her concert performance and posted it found out the hard way that Miss Jackson could be real nasty by having their Instagram accounts shut down.

Needless to say, that strong-arm move backfired on her and it was the fans and the public at large using – yep, you guessed it – social media to heap some nasty right back at her.

Here’s a smattering of what folks are saying about her at the EURweb Facebook page:

Mishibu Di Riddim: Queen She needs to stop and welcome to the 21st century

Deanna Turner Belamy: Really? I guess I won’t download her album…until she gets over herself.

Andre Leonard: Stop giving this dysfunctional Jackson anything. The whole family is a joke.

Robert Lee: I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see her perform in my yard. Beyonce is the real talent.

Kelly Perkins:  F*** her. If I so much as walk into a Starbucks, I can expect to be posted to the internet. Rich black girl problems.

Now, Janet has responded. The 49-year-old singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to let fans know she is “listening,” and that her team will change how it resolves copyright issues moving forward.

“I love and appreciate my fans. I want you to know that I enjoy watching the short video clips of how you are Burning it Up the Unbreakable shows,” she wrote. “Please keep posting them.”

“My team is passionate about protecting the intellectual property we are creating for the tour and possible future projects,” Jackson explained. “It was never their intention, acting on my behalf, to have social media accounts removed.”

“Permitting the use of long clips does present a contractual problem for these projects,” she continued. “I hope you understand. I trust the fans will use their short recordings for their own memories and to share on their social media networks of choice.”

“I have asked my team to change their approach and allow you to engage socially with these videos,” Jackson concluded the post. “I know I wouldn’t be here without the love I stand on.”

So there you have it. Just keep the videos short, fans. Hopefully it’s a win-win for both parties.

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