geris hilton selfie (with slave)

*There is a time to be ‘cute’ and there is a time to use your damn head. “Geris Hilton” did neither one.

And today he is out of a job.

Now the one smart thing Hilton did try to do, was use a fictitious name on his Facebook account, but he obviously forgot to use a fictitious face, because his employer, Polaris Marketing Group, apparently recognized him and took immediate action.

“Hilton” worked at the company until the employer learned of the racist photo (followed by comments) that he had posted on Facebook on September 16.

Said photo was a selfie of Hilton at work, with the adorable son of a now former co-worker named Sydney.

The little boy is black. 

While the first thought one might have upon looking at the photo is, “Oh, how cute!” as you read the comments you realize this is as racist as it gets. Hilton and his friends have a round-about on the FB platform using Cayden, real name of the little boy, as the butt of their racist jokes that imply he is a slave and Hilton, his slave master.

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