Byron Pitts, Craig Cobb

*Some of you may recognize proud White Supremacist Craig Cobb from his 2014 appearance on “The Trisha Show” with host Trisha Goddard; a DNA test revealed that the racist is actually 14-percent Sub-Saharan African.

He laughed off the results and has since remained a hateful bigot who the media continues to give a platform to spew his divisive rhetoric.

Most recently, ABC producer Jasmine Brown and anchor Byron Pitts were subject to Cobb’s hateful tirades, which included an N-word laced rant directed at Pitts.

The video below shows Cobb saying, “I’m one of the most famous racists in the world you son of a bitch.” Brown, who is African American, notes that Cobb seemed “incredibly gracious” when they first spoke on the phone, presumably before he knew her race, Mediaite reports.

“He is very much in love with Donald Trump,” adds Brown. She continues to describe a line of Cobb’s saying, “I would almost rather talk to a Jew, because then at least they would be intelligent.” The video reveals the emotional toll on Brown, a twenty-something Millennial, experiencing this level of overt racism for the first time.

When Pitts gets Cobb on the phone, the conversation takes a turn now disaster boulevard.

“You’re not a person of color N*****! You’re a N*****! You got it? You’re a N*****!… Listen there’s an unbridled race war going on in this country Ann Coutler said there’s at least 30 million Mexicans in this country, Byron, and they don’t have any business here.”

In 2013, Mediaite reported about Cobb’s efforts to buy up properties and encourage fellow white supremacists to move to a neighborhood in Leith, North Dakota. Of course the town’s lone black man, Bobby Harper, was the first to tell the media about his plans to fight Cobb’s efforts.

Harper’s white wife thanked the community for being “very supportive.” Harper said “something has to be done” about Cobb, and “if he can’t love his fellow men, then he needs to ask God to help him or something.”

Cobb wants to build his knock-off European utopia for racists in states like Montana, Idaho, and North Dakota;  appealing due to the historical lack of racial diversity.