cyber senior

*Let’s ‘go there’ for a moment.

Because truth be told, if any of us are fortunate enough to get to the age of these seniors, well…We know when the word ‘senior’ is mentioned in society today; and we look over at our fab-looking 60-something year old African American mom, its easy to get it twisted. Most seniors don’t look like her.

So you have to think back to her mom.

Although she probably looked good in her “Sunset Years” too, THAT’S the age we are talking about in the headline!

Which makes the act of them learning about computers and the Internet at this stage, well…priceless.

The official trailer for the “Cyber Seniors Documentary” (Scroll down) brings it all home, too. It tells the story about how they are trying to bridge the gap between our elderly and younger generation age group, and kind of include them in today’s world in a greater, more communicative way.

Just listen to some of the comments made by the seniors. You can’t help but put a hand on your heart (and tear up) at the cuteness of it all. One old woman who asks in the beginning: “Could you explain a bit about this face…er…” the teacher helps her out and says “Facebook.”

The woman confirms and continues, “Something! And you having to ‘be a friend?'”


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