terrence-howard-taraji-p-henson*Terrence Howard’s personal drama is apparently not spilling over into the the professional relationship he has with his “Empire” co-star Taraji P. Henson, according to the actress.

Taking to Instagram, the pair set things straight regarding rumors of a beef between them.

In the post, Henson and Howard are seen together on camera in an “Empire” production meeting with fellow “Empire” castmate Jussie Smollett.

During the meeting, things get a bit dramatic as Henson and Howard pretend to argue over who’s the star of the show.

Taraji-Terrence-Fake-Arguing-InstagramHenson offered her two cents on the rumored beef with a caption attached to an Instagram photo that questions her motivation for working with someone she allegedly doesn’t get along with.

“HA! Word on THA street is Terrence and I don’t get along! Like I would fight to work with someone I DO NOT get along with?!Don’t besilly.#GottaComeBetterThanThat#StupidRumors#DummysWastedPaperAndInkOnthatBSoh and watch #Empire tonight,” she captioned the photo.

taraji p. henson and terrence howard empire-fake_fightFrom there, Henson posted a second video on Instagram that shows Howard and her ending their fake argument and promoting “Empire.”

In case that didn’t put to bed the beef talk, then a maybe a friendly kiss between Howard and Henson will do the trick, complete with Henson telling Howard, “I love you, Terrence.”

Taraji-P.-Henson-Kissing-Terrence-InstagramAny questions?


??????? #DummysWastedPaperAndInkOnthatBS ?????? watch #Empire tonight

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