Lyndie Greenwood at 2015 NYCC

Lyndie Greenwood at 2015 NYCC

At New York Comic Con Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny) talked about the new season of “Sleepy Hollow” in the press room above the hustle and bustle of the main floor at the Javits Center.

The show that is so popular and scheduled for a second season just after its first three episodes (the premiere scored 13.6 million viewers, the network’s best debut since “24” in 2001), has a winning mix of the feisty, butt kicking Mills sisters (Abbie [Nicole Beharie]  and Jenny) and the reawakened Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison).

The Film Strip began by asking Greenwood why she thought the show is so popular?

“I think history is fascinating for people and history that’s twisted is even more fun; it resonates with a lot of people,” she sais. “I, for one, am Canadian and I’m learning a lot about American history. People tell me I shouldn’t take it literally but it gives me an excuse to go back and look up these names that I didn’t really know anything about. So I’m learning a lot.”

So, Lyndie, how exciting is it to be delving into the family history this season?

It’s always good to look into the back stories. I always find that satisfying and there’s a lot of that for Jenny Mills this year. But it all feels very organic. It’s not like forced in any way. It comes out really naturally.

Lyndie Greenwood, Beharie, and Tom Mison

Lyndie Greenwood, Nicole Beharie, and Tom Mison

Will there be more cohesiveness between the characters and bonding this time around?

Yes, I think this season there will be a lot more bonding in general. It’s not just Abbie and Crane and Joe (Zach Appelman) and Jenny. There are more scenes with everybody, which is really nice because people act differently depending on who they’re with, and so I think it really rounds out the characters. We learn a lot more about everyone when you have them interact with other people.

From an actress perspective, I was disappointed with last year that I didn’t get to do that much stuff and this is the opposite this time. I think season three is really good for Jenny Mills’ fans and Joe is just a part of that. It’s just an organic way of bringing out more of her story.

Will Jenny and Abbie be a bit more willing to trust, going forward?

Yes, definitely, I think. That’s kind of been Jenny’s journey from the beginning of season 1 and now she’s like much comfortable with letting people in. She’s still a bit jaded. She’s been through a lot but definitely opening up and realizing that she enjoys being part of this community, being loved and giving love.

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