the view - oct 16, 2015

*Raven-Symone, who offended the Internet last week with her comments against “ghetto names,” made a point of interrupting ultra-conservative guest Ann Coulter on “The View” Friday to ask why she seems to enjoy offending people.

It appeared as if Coulter was just waiting for the 29-year-old actress to open her mouth.

“I’m at least talking about policy,” Coulter snapped back. “You have a position on what people’s names should be. Watermelondrea! I mean you’ll insult people for their names.”

Surprisingly, Raven-Symone had no retort.

Watch below:

Coulter was on the ABC daytime show to promote her new anti-immigration book, Adios America.

“The View” contributors Ana Navarro and Padma Lakshmi just so happened to be co-hosting this morning, so you know all hell broke loose.

Navarro, who was born in Nicaragua before her family immigrated to the States, first corrected Coulter on the proper pronunciation of the word adios. Before this moment happened, Coulter explained that she backs Donald Trump on his opinion that America should exclude people from “very poor, very backwards countries.”

Lakshmi, the Indian-born host of Bravo’s “Top Chef,” told Coulter, “My mother came to this country in the 70s because there was a shortage of medical professionals who could do the job.”

Coulter told Lakshmi, “That’s very unusual, though.”

“Not really,” said Lakshmi.

Regulars Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, also at the table, interrupted at various points to challenge Coulter.

Watch the segment in its entirety below: