Cast of Dr. Ken - ABC

Cast of Dr. Ken – ABC

*You already know Ken Jeong from his run on NBC’s “Community” and as Mr. Chow in the “Hangover” movies.  Starting Oct. 2, the actor and real life physician will also be known as Tisha Campbell-Martin’s boss on ABC’s new comedy “Dr. Ken.”

At least he’s her boss on paper.

“I’m the one who runs the entire HMO. I’m the receptionist and I basically have everybody’s vacation in my grasp,” Campbell-Martin told EURweb exclusively about her character Damona. “I keep Dr. Ken in line.”

The series revolves around the private practice of Dr. Ken, who is brilliant but has zero bedside manner. His husband and parenting skills are also suspect, but his good intentions in each of these areas always seem to win out.

Campbell-Martin says she and Jeong have had mutual friends for years, but the two had never met each other until she came in to audition for the show. Before the actress could even read her lines, Campbell-Martin said Jeong straight fanned out over being in the presence of Gina from “Martin.”

Listen below:

“Dr. Ken” premieres Friday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC. Watch a promo below: