lamar odom

*TMZ is reporting that Lamar Odom had cocaine in his system and track marks on one of his arms when rushed to the hospital unconscious Tuesday morning.

As previously reported, the former NBA player and ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian checked into Dennis Hoff’s Love Ranch South on Saturday in the town of Pahrump, Nevada and was found unconscious in his room by a member of the staff Tuesday morning after days of partying.

Witnesses told TMZ that doctors have determined he had cocaine and opiates in his system, but it’s still unclear if the track marks are new or from previous drug use.

According to the website, doctors have told people close to Lamar the fluid they found in his lungs was the result of crack cocaine use.

According to TMZ, several of Lamar’s party friends tried to visit him at the hospital, but were told to leave.

Sources at the Love Ranch where Lamar was staying have said he was taking an herbal substitute for Viagra but no drugs were found. Dennis Hof who owns the Ranch tells TMZ he can’t swear Lamar wasn’t doing drugs in his room.

“The police looked through his things and they didn’t tell us they found anything,” Hof told ET Online in an interview. “The girls that were hanging out with him didn’t see any use of any illegal drugs at all.”

Hof previously told TheWrap that the situation is “not good.”

“He looked terrible,” he said of the 35-year-old’s appearance before being rushed to the hospital. “He looked like a guy who was really sick and needed to be rushed to an ER immediately.”

But when Odom arrived at the brothel on Saturday, Hof said the athlete appeared fine. “We picked him up at his place in Las Vegas. Brought him out there. Great mood. Ready to have a good time,” Hof said. “He just wanted a little peace and quiet and get away from the pressures of his life.” The only sign of possible trouble was “a phone call on Sunday that upset him a little bit.” “I don’t know what that was about,” Hof said. “But after that he regrouped, and he was eating good. Sleeping good and just having a good time.”

TMZ has reported that Khloe, her sister Kim Kardashian and their mother Kris Jenner were joined at Odom’s bedside Tuesday by his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant.

Bryant happened to be in Vegas as well for a pre-season game against the Sacramento Kings. He reportedly left the game early to be by Odom’s side — where he prayed with the Kardashian family.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak was also at the hospital with Kobe, according to TMZ.