Bill and Ensa Cosby in 2008

Bill and Ensa Cosby in 2008

* is reporting that Bill Cosby was accused by his own daughter of making an aggressive sexual pass at their nanny in 1997.

According to the website, Cosby’s daughter Ensa revealed the allegation to a confidant while they were both seeking treatment for substance abuse.

“Ensa said it was an unwanted sexual advance, and [the nanny] was hysterical,” said the source, who Radar claims passed an independently administered lie detector test.

“It upset the whole family,” the source said, adding the nanny was so traumatized that “she had to leave” Cosby’s home.

“Ensa described how they all really loved her, and when she found out why the woman had left, she was very upset at her father because she’d never known the real reason.”

The attack allegedly occurred the same year that Ensa’s 27-year-old brother, Ennis, was shot and killed near the 405 freeway in Los Angeles in an apparent robbery gone wrong.

Ensa, 42, allegedly told the source that her mother, Camille, had to “compensate” the nanny with hush money. But Camille eventually came clean to her daughter, claims the source.

“As Ensa became older, her mother actually sat her down and told her about the affairs her father had,” the insider told Radar. “Ensa came to the realization her father was not the wonderful family man he was portraying in public — and that her whole upbringing had been a lie.”