don-lemon*The interruption of a campaign event for Hillary Clinton by Black Lives Matter movement activists have prompted Don Lemon to issue the following advice for the effort: “grow up and start listening.”

According to Mediate, Lemon’s response stems from activists ignoring calls from civil rights icon John Lewis to quiet down, which resulted in the disruption of Clinton’s campaign event in Atlanta on Friday. Although he is aware of why Black Lives Matter was created, Lemon believes “tactics need to change” in light of the movement gaining the attention of notable political figures.

“If you don’t respect him, who asks you to have some manners at least and listen to Secretary Clinton, then I don’t know who you will listen to,” the CNN host said Friday (Oct. 30). “Listen, I know that Black Lives Matter was formed out of anger. But now they are at the table. And their tactics need to change.”

Lemon went on to point out that Clinton is someone willing to help Black Lives Matter, but they  stand the chance of losing her if they opt for “shouting down an ally.”

“They need to grow up and start listening,” he continued. “Hillary Clinton is an ally. Nothing says black lives don’t matter than shouting down an ally. She wants to help. She’s open. She may very well be the next leader of the free world. You don’t want to shout that person down. You want that person in your corner to take care of your issues.”

So what say you? Does Don Lemon have a point with his advice and the belief that activists may be damaging their standing with Hillary Clinton or is he just plain off base with how Black Lives Matter should proceed?

Weigh in below.