Howard University's #SilentShowtime protest

Howard University’s #SilentShowtime protest

*Howard University’s Showtime Marching Band traded its regular uniforms for all-black-everything over the weekend to protest the holdup of their scholarship money.

Band members are supposed to get tuition help from the band’s annual budget and student scholarships. But so far, no band member has received their scholarship money, according to TheeTru1Project blog, which has been covering the protest.

According to the blog, students were ignored when they attempted to get answers from the administration. So #SilentShowtime was born in protest. 

On Tuesday, band members staged a silent protest in an administration building. Watch below:

And they mean silent….. #silentshowtime

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The #SilentShowtime movement kicked off on the field of Saturday’s home football game against Savannah State.

“Until the university addresses these issues, we will not support this university with our musicianship,” the announcer said during the halftime show, reading a statement from the marching band.

The band, however, went on to perform Saturday out of respect for a notable band supporter being posthumously honored at halftime, but members wore all-black to make their point against the administration.

Watch below (protest statement begins at 2:19):