Metta-World-Peace*Lamar Odom may be on his way to recovery from a near fatal overdose, but that hasn’t stopped his longtime friend Metta World Peace from airing out his feelings on the former NBA star’s estranged in-laws.

According to the New York Post, World Peace was not shy about his thoughts on the Kardashians during an interview with VladTV (scroll down to watch), following Odom’s overdose.

“I hated everyone that knew Lamar that’s not from Queens,” a very candid World Peace said. “I mean you’ve got somebody you grew up with on a death bed, I don’t even know how else you could feel.”

Although he confessed that the was a “little bit bitter towards the Kardashians” despite not knowing all the details about Odom’s situation, the Posts notes that his beef goes beyond the reality TV stars.

“I was bitter towards every single one of his friends in LA without knowing the situation, because there were reports that my buddy isn’t going to make it,” the Los Angeles Lakers forward shared.

As the interview continued, World Peace voiced that although Odom is back in California after a stint at a Las Vegas hospital, he took it personally when he heard that the Kardashians reportedly were restricting the athlete’s visitors.

“I didn’t really know that he was still married to Khloe. I just wanted my buddy’s children to be next to him and everything,” said World Peace. “I took it personal. I still take it personal to this day.”

World Peace’s comments come amid a report from the Los Angeles Daily News that he planned to visit Odom in the hospital Wednesday night (Nov. 4), in light of his condition improving enough to receive him.

As it stands now, Odom remains in intensive care where he reportedly receives six hours of dialysis a day, in addition to physical therapy after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel in mid-October, the Post reports.