Bill Cosby*Bill Cosby faces up to ten years for felony sexual assault, and the case against him has led many to offer an opinion on the matter, including actress Lark Voorhies who recently called Cosby supporters ‘defenders of the devil.’

Others question the timing of the allegations against the comedienne, with some victim blaming and others believing that this case is simply a conspiracy to destroy the black man.

Over 50 women have accused Cosby of drugging them and performing sexual acts on them, and even though Cosby admitted under oath during a 2005 and 2006 deposition that he did indeed give Quaaludes to models, and in one particular case he had sex with a semi-conscious young woman, many Cosby defenders have taken to social media to explain why the charges against him come a little too late.

Perhaps the charges against Bill do come late in the game, but if the man hosted drug parties with women then had sex with them while they were unconscious, that’s rape, and he should pay!

Clutch has highlighted the Top Five reasons Bill’s supporters consider the charges against him to be bogus, and we’re sharing a couple of the ridiculous points to show how many will use any excuse to overlook and dismiss the abuse and rape of women, and children.

#1 “Bill Cosby was arrested to distract Black folk from the Tamir Rice case. #StayWoke!”

What Tamir case? It’s people who are “WOKE” that understand Tamir’s killer will never be held accountable – after all, he’s a white cop accused of destroying a black life. #KanyeShrug. Nothing new to see here, and certainly not anything Cosby can distract from, unless the child killing cop is brought to justice.

We agree with Clutch writer Britni Danielle who said, “While some have used the attention given to Cosby as yet another example of the American (in)justice system’s unequal treatment of Black folks, if anything, Cosby has had a pretty good run, considering he’s a Black man accused of raping multiple white women.”

Some Cosby supporters even co-sign the rape of children, as evident by the usual response that arises anytime someone mentions R.Kelly’s sexual abuse scandal.

#2 “Y’all still listen to R. Kelly, so leave Bill Cosby alone!”

@ErrBodyLuvsCris ummm she AGREED to it. She was a grown ass 12 yr old.

— SHI (@NaiveNever) December 30, 2015

“So, because one rapist has been allowed to evade justice, the rest should get off too?,” Britni wrote.

You can read more excuses from Cosby supporters here, all of which confirm this writer’s belief that many in the black community will lose sleep thinking up ways to minimize any responsibility the black male has over anything, including abuse.